Ken Roche RMT - Registered Massage Therapy
"I will help you feel, look and be better!"
Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.
at Absolute Rehab

Tuesday and Thursday
11:00 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.
at Sun Life (employees only)

Massage Therapy for Injury Treatment

"Recover from Yesterday"
Acute Injuries
You will best relate to an acute injury as a sprain, muscle tear, fracture, or dislocation.  Acute injury is generally associated with things like:  immediate pain in the area of the injury; swelling; sensitive to pressure or weight; extreme tenderness; restricted range of motion; extreme and unusual weakness in the associated limb.

A rule of thumb for treatment is "the more the better and the more often the better".  There are many ways to treat injuries and you can do most of it yourself. 

A Massage Therapist can help reduce swelling, flush inflamed tissue and guide soft tissue healing, but you can help yourself by applying progressive remedial exercise techniques and home hydrotherapy to improve your outcome.

Participating in two treatment sessions per week for several weeks then reducing to once weekly is the usual progression in any rehabilitation profession and Massage Therapy can effectively help you recover from physical injury regardless of its cause.

Chronic Problems or Injuries
Chronic pain and injury refers to the sort of physical injury, illness, or disease that develops slowly, is persistent and long-lasting, or constantly recurring over time.  Frequently it is the result of an acute injury that was not treated properly or quick enough after the injury was sustained.

Your goal is to improve your chronic condition over time, or, in the case of a degenerative condition, to slow the progression of the condition.  Attending two to three massage therapy sessions in fairly quick succession, or at least once per week for a few weeks, can get you on the right path and we can then work together to develop a long-term strategy.  The more you learn about using, training  and treating your body better the less you will need to rely on a massage therapist; but as your massage therapist Iím ready to help when you need it.

Having chronically stiffened muscles and joints heated and manually treated can help make physical changes that you may not be able to make on your own.  The combined effects of soft tissue manipulation range of motion enhancement, and gentle stretch and contraction exercises can help your chronic condition while improving your overall physical health and wellbeing.

Once you begin to feel positive changes occasional massage therapy is recommended for continued care and condition management.