Ken Roche RMT - Registered Massage Therapy
"I will help you feel, look and be better!"
Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.
at Absolute Rehab

Tuesday and Thursday
11:00 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.
at Sun Life (employees only)

Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

How does massage therapy differ from physiotherapy?
While there are many obvious differences between massage therapy and physiotherapy there are more similarities than you may first realize. We can
work well together, or, massage therapy can be an effective treatment for rehabilitation and stress management on its own.

Physiotherapists focus on improving painful muscles and joint function through mechanical stimulation and active rehabilitation.  RMTs focus on
improvement of the whole body, not just the parts affected by pain, through passive and active soft tissue manipulations.  Additionally, RMTs can give
you specific exercises to achieve your rehabilitative, injury prevention or performance enhancement goals that can be performed with your therapist
present or on your own between treatments.

Do I have to keep coming back once I begin?
Experience has shown me that people often get positive results in less than three visits.  Obviously this depends on the condition, but you will see
quickly whether or not you are taking the right course of action.  As with most complimentary health care providers RMTs would like to treat any
condition 2-3 times per week for multiple weeks.  However, I often only treat people only once per week and most often for fewer weeks than those I
see visiting other practitioners for similar conditions. 

It's important to realize that soft tissue needs to be guided through a growing process and it takes a positive influence over time and not necessarily an
increased number of treatments to attain your goals.
I believe you will always be your own best therapist so the more work you do the less someone else should have to do for you.  The trick is to learn
what to do, how, when and most importantly why; your Massage Therapist can help educate you in better use and development of your soft tissues, but
it is a good idea to get hands on treatment that is either difficult or impossible to do yourself to improve your chances for successful healing and reduce
risk for future problems. 

I think regular massage should be a regular component of everyone's active life style, but I only encourage people to seek treatment if they feel they are
getting positive results.  I enjoy being a positive life support when they choose to attend.

How does a Registered Massage Therapist differ from any other massage practitioner?
This is where you need to perform your own due-diligence to ensure that you are being treated by a highly educated professional.  The word “massage”
is in the public domain and can be provided by any one.

Only those attaining the designation RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) are part of the registered profession.

· Carry a minimum of $2,000,000.00 of professional liability insurance.
· They have graduated from an accredited college and have completed a minimum of 2,200 hours of extensive training.
· They received an extensive modern medical education and achieved specific core competencies in anatomy, physiology, human kinesiology &
biomechanics, assessment and treatment of any condition that may affect your body.

Most importantly, the term "registered" means that an individual is a member of the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario) and their
conduct is governed by the college in accordance with the RHPA (Regulated Health Care Professional's Act) in the province of Ontario.  Massage
Therapists are part of a self-regulating profession that is most concerned with the overall wellbeing of our clients as well as the safety of the general
public more than just the effective treatment of physical conditions and this is why you can trust your Massage Therapist. 

In addition, because of all the above factors, services received from an RMT are largely recognized by Medical Doctors, most employee Extended
Health Care plans, the Work Place Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), and your Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Will you come to my home to perform a treatment?
If you are more comfortable having treatments provided at your own residence, or are unable to travel to either of my locations, I am happy to consider
providing services at your location.  Additional travel costs will apply and appointments must be scheduled to suit our mutual schedules.

I can’t get away during the day; do you work any evening hours?
Evening appointments are available generally until 7:00 pm, but later appointments may be arranged by request.  I don't usually work on the weekends,
but occasionally weekend appointments may be arranged.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a specific request for an after-hours appointment

I feel uncomfortable taking my clothes off for a massage; can I elect to have a massage fully clothed?
Yes, the amount of clothing a client takes off or leaves on is entirely up to the individual. RMTs often say that massage therapy is most effective and
best preformed directly on the skin with a lubricating lotion.   This is true when using “Swedish Massage” techniques, however, if for any reason you are
uncomfortable with this procedure there are many other techniques that can be performed either with your clothing on, through the sheet, and/or
directly on dry skin. 

I will make my recommendations based on my assessment, but it is ultimately up to the client; it really doesn't matter to me how I perform the

I have an allergic reaction to some kinds of lotions, is it possible to have a massage without using any lotion?
Traditional massage is best done with a lubricating lotion and the one I use is formulated to be hypoallergenic and fragrance free.  It is water based so it
won’t leave you feeling greasy after the treatment.  However, if someone chooses not to use a lotion, I can use many techniques that do not require
lotion and achieve the same results.

What forms of payment do you accept?
At Absolute Rehab all forms of cash, cheque and credit card payments are accepted.
At Sunlife, only cash or cheques are accepted.  This also applies to “house calls” and other off site appointments.

Can I make a “same day” appointment?
All appointments are welcome, but they are subject to availability and first come first served. The more notice you can give the better your chances to
get your preferred time, but don't hesitate to call when you are in need; there are usually times available throughout the day

Should a massage hurt?
In my opinion relaxation and stress management massage should never “hurt”.  Treatment oriented massage can involve some temporary discomfort. 
However, I am not a believer in the "no pain, no gain" theory as the body needs to be able to absorb the work being done without fighting back against it. 
I never choose to purposely cause unnecessary discomfort. 

In the case of inappropriately healed or healing tissue it may be necessary to re-aggravate the condition to better guide effective healing.  Or, in the
treatment of trigger points etc. discomfort can be invoked, but this is where applying massage principals can be best to provide sedation of the mind
and body to allow for more aggressive work to be done than is perceived by the client. 

On a scale of 1-10 I recommend not letting pain exceed 7.5 or maybe an 8 at very most to avoid sympathetic nervous system stimulation (the fight or
flight response) and encourage clients to give me accurate feedback to both improve the quality of the treatment at the time it's being applied and the
days after its completion. 

It is common to have some residual discomfort one to two days after an initial treatment, but this should feel constructive and not feel any worse than if
you started a new exercise program.  This is how the body often reacts to massage until it adapts to its inclusion into your lifestyle.  It is important that
you share any concerns you have in regards to pain or discomfort with your RMT when they arise.  The body quickly learns to appreciate massage
therapy and post treatment discomfort dissipates after subsequent treatments.

Can I hire you for larger events?
I enjoy sharing my profession with as many people as possible so eagerly welcome opportunities to work in group and public settings. This may include
sporting events, tournaments, public health fairs, and corporate or organizational functions.  Inclusion of my services in your event will demonstrate
your own commitment to a healthy lifestyle and highlight the professionalism of your event.

Rates are established on an individual basis and I look forward to discussing your unique requirements with you.